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      Rough Timescales for 475 Visa

      Hi All,
      Just wondered how long it VERY ROUGHLY takes for a 475 visa to SA. I am just sorting out the paperwork to apply for state sponsorship, (already sent off for skills assessment).

      Just wondered is there alot of paperwork to do for the actual visa itself and if I am to gain a sponsorship in the next 2 months how long after for everything else.

      Sorry very long winded. Just trying to get an idea of how long things take at the moment and how much there is to do.

      Thanks all

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      we started the whole process in Jan 28 and finally got our 475 visa on 15 May 2009. So ours is about 16 months. But I thought It could be shorter. Our first SA sponsorship was refused, and it took another 3-4 months to reapply and agreed. Mind we got our skill assesment in March 2008 and the sponsorsip in October, and lodged the visa in December.

      If you do it by yourself, you can speed the process untill the visa, and then wait for the mercy of DIAC.

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