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      dp n dd

      Excess Baggage

      Hi Everyone

      Can anyone advise me as to where to get the excess baggage allowance form from apparentley i have read somewhere that you can get a form from the immagration department of the internet.

      I have looked but to no avail :(

      Thanks xx


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      Hi Jeanette

      I would have thought the airline you fly with will advise if you have excess baggage or am I just being blonde??

      Are you looking for a form to increase your lugguage allowance as you are a migrant? If so it is just a case of contcating the airline you will fly with and advising them - if they offer extra they will osrt this for you. We flew with Singapore airlines and got 40k each rather than standard 20kg :) I have never heard of an excess baggage form though sorry or anything similar with immigration.


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      No I've not heard of it either. Have done the same as Lisa and contacted the airline direct (they will only give you a firm answer if you have already booked though).


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      dp n dd



      Thanks for the replies i must have got it wrong as ive searched the web and cant see anything oh well sorry about that but at least i know for sure now and will apply when we book flights.

      Thanks again

      Jeanette xx


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