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    Thread: shipping info for people leaving the UK

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      shipping info for people leaving the UK

      Hi, All

      I emigrated 8 weeks ago and struggled to find a cheap shipping company who had a good reputation, I had no big furniture pieces so did not need a container so this is who I used:

      Voovit.com is the company I used, I looked all over the places for reviews and found good and bad. I throught lets have ago and went with them. I ordered 20 boxs from them { each one about the size of a large suitcase and can hold 30k** boxs are very good quality very thick and came with tape. the cost for the 20 boxs delivered and picked up plus shipping from the UK was 380 you can add insurance if you wish but i never. all communication is over the internet you fill the boxs with your items and fill in the packing list online nice and easy, once filled send them an email and they will collect the boxs it then takes 6 weeks for shipping.

      I put loads of valuble items in such as computer, ps3, wii, tv etc etc.

      i was a little worried at first and through that it is never going to make it, you then recieve an email from a shipping company giving you the name of the vessal your delivery date to Adelaide port etc. this company is based in melbourne i rang them and they told me what to do next, nice and helpful {you dont have to ring them as the email they send you has all the info on**. once you have your date for delivery to adelaide port you then do the following

      Take your packing list with you to CUSTOMS {next door to KFC Port Adelaide**, really easy, go in sit down looks at packing list and stamps it NO COST YES FREE.......

      You then goto Quarantine also in Adelaide {by IKEA** go in they look at your packing list also, and you pay around 65 pounds. they will give you a number to ring when your items arrive, you ring this and meet Quarantine at the port {nice fella**

      Once this is all done you wait for your delivery to arive you are kept informed all the way via email the last payment is around 120 for release of goods.

      when it arrives you get your final email telling you what to do, contact Quarantine and give them the date you wish to meet them, meet them at the port he looked in 5 boxs out of 20 signs it off and then you can take it home or get it delivered.

      THATS IT.

      hope this all makes sense really easy to do my overall cost including transit van hire for one day:

      620 i think that is cheap.

      If anyone is thinking of doing this and get stuck please drop me an email


      Hope this helps.

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      I would re-iterate the views expressed. We also moved 4 boxes over and found Voovit first class, and quite cheap.


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