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      SA or Victoria

      Hi all. We got our state sponsored (SA) visa last Feb but since then have been told we could go to Geelong (regional Victoria) where my wifes daughter is going. Just wondered if any one could give us any advice on which one would give us a better chance of gaining employment,i work as a glass cutter/ glass worker.

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      Any one. please

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      Adelaide is the capital of SA, population over 1 million. It has festivals, theatre, a wide variety of pubs, clubs, sports etc. Geelong is a regional centre for that part of country Victoria. It is about 3/4 - 1 hour to Melbourne by road. So you would have all the perks of a big capital not far away. It's population is about 250,000. Here is the Vic government speel on it

      I guess you have to work out if you woud be happier moving somewhere where you might have family close by, or whether the things you liked about Adelaide still apply, but knowing that family will be somewhere else has opened upother possibilities. Geelong from Adelaide is only about 8- 9 hours drive, or you could take an hours flight to Melbourne and drive from there, or take the train. It would give you somewhere to visit but not the comfort of having known people under 1/2 an hour away. I'd say rearch what opportunities there are for your line of work in Geelong before deciding.
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