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      Angry Help...crashed And Burned

      :( Tought i'd posted this but don't think i did so it's on twice sorry! Here it is, we started our online app. tonight because it's peacefull and stressfree huh!...anyway read everthing again three times over and thought now or never.. so thats it sent , signed the check..alls good. Started to read and print off the checklist starting with the medical forms PDF's.. Then BLOW ME my system crashes...I can't get back into the file because its being processed and havn't even put in a password.! I can't get in touch with the department because it's "offline out of order???" can't do the meds haven't got all the forms ... can't do the checklist because i haven't even read it yet???? ahhhh! ANY IDEA's??

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      Hey guys.

      I can provide you with all the up-to-date forms, if that helps. Send me a PM with your email.



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