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    Thread: Delays In Medicals being recieved?

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      Delays In Medicals being recieved?

      Well I'm starting to panic, we were requested to undertake meds and police checks on 8th May by CO. We were given 70 days.

      We had our meds done by 12th May and have uploaded police certificates. However our medicals have still not been received in Sydney.

      I have checked with the Doctor who said they were sent intentional Signed For Royal Mail which mans they can only be traced till they leave the UK and they can't tell me if anyone has signed for them in Oz!!

      I have spoken to HOC in Sydney who have definitely not received them, I have even tried emailing Australia Post to see if they can find them!?

      My real worry is our deadline for getting things in is coming up and whilst I am hoping they turn up I thought a contingency plan would be good, so we are rebooking meds and ensuring the doctor uses a courier this time. The doctor told me he doesnít keep a record of medicals so we would have to have them redone! And the radiologist said we canít have another chest x-ray done so soon due to radiation, but they will send a copy of report free of charge.

      I guess I just wanted a tiny little rant as people donít going through the process often donít have a clue how stressful these things are.
      And also i guess anyone else who has similar experience?
      Will Immi accept just a radiologist report or will they need the actual x-rays?
      Will the CO extend our 70 day deadline if I explain what has happened and provide some evidence?

      Thanks for listening!

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      Oh no poor you. We are in the process of getting our meds and police checks done and don't know what I would do if they did not get recieved.
      Please keep us posted I am sure everything will be ok and CO is human and will understand I am sure.

      Best of luck
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      Hi Kelly 1980

      In the mean time you should upload the fee receipts for all the applicants given to you by your doctor, it is a proof that you and other applicants have undergone medical test.

      Then send an email to

      And ask them that have they received your medicals, write your trn ,DOB, full name, in subject line. They will respond you.
      On x-ray part yes they require x-ray films.
      Gud luck

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      Thanks for your replies,

      I have emailed HOC in Sydney a few times over the last week and they replied quickly but they just don't seem to have them!

      What a nightmare.

      I'm sure they'll turn up at some point, but probably after the deadline. I am definitely going to upload my reciepts for medicals and also the proof of postage from the doctor and hope they give me a bit more time to sort out the new ones!

      Thanks again

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      Then send an email to your CO, explaining your situation he will definitely listen it and will respond.
      You can even call DIAC to post lodgement number explaining your situation and they will help sorting it out.
      Good Luck
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      Oh sorry I forget to mention, you can use the option of 'contacting the department' link given on application status page. It is there to be used in such cases.
      Gud Luck
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      Hi Kelly

      Which Panel Doctor did you use? Do you know whether he ticked Box A on all the meds for the whole family?

      The HOC are completely chaotic. I've known people whose meds needed to go to the MOC but some bright spark sent them to storage instead.

      Did the doctor give you the tracking number for the meds? Have the Royal Mail confirmed that the package definitely did leave the UK on a plane bound for Sydney?

      When did you e-mail AusPost because they are normall quite efficient?

      There is a high probability that your meds did reach the HOC but the HOC are too dozy to look for them.

      I have the phone number and e-mail details for a very efficient Team Leader at the HOC if you need them.

      Good luck


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      Hi Gill
      Thanks for your message.

      I'm not sure if the Doctor ticked A on the form for us both but he said everything was fine and there shouldn't be any probs, unfortunately he didn't keep a copy of the form.

      With regards to the HOC, the lady who I have been emailing has been really helpful, she emailed me again today to say thay sometimes it can take a further ten working days from delivery to be proccessed as received at HOC and has advised I wait another 10 working days.

      Australian Post did get back to me today too, they said they have no record of the parcel being received in Sydney, but I am not sure if that is because it wasn't sent tracked mail, only international signed for which means it will only be tracked till it leaves the UK. The Royal Mail track and trace system just tells me it has been posted and has been processed for delivery aborad. And trying to speak to someone at Royal Mail is a nightmare, it just puts you through to an automated voice service called Sarah!!! And then tells me I can't lodge a query till it has been missing for 25 days.

      I guess there is many points at which it could have got lost or delayed or as you say maybe sat on someones desk. Maybe I just need to be a bit patient, its jsut the 70 day deadline which is panicking me, I am collating evidence to send to the CO and if nothing turns up by next week we're going to bite the bullet and get them re-done.

      I'll probably fail the medical when I have it done this time due to stress!! ha ha

      I'll keep you posted on what happens.

      Thanks again



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