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      457 visa

      My hopefully soon to be employers have said that they will sponsor me on a 457 visa long term stay visa for 2 years. I'm worried about how I go about getting my husband and son sponsored and also how does my husband go about getting a working visa once were out there. Also can we apply for a permanent visa whilst being sponsored and does it take as long to get as we'll already be there. Sorry for thick questions. Starting to fret abit now things are really starting to move.:(

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      ralph n bev
      Hi yisawoo,
      sorry but i havnt got a clue, but as you were to go of the page , ive answered so you'll get bumped up to the top again . Sure someone will know , why not phone gomatilda or another agent , they may answer your question over the phone.

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      I am guessing this would be the same as any other visa - Greg applied for a skilled visa and as his dependants we were included on his visa :)


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      Thanks for both your replies.It is really hard getting answers when were all going for different visas. I'm sure ny questions will be answered shortly.


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