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      Next stage

      Hi everyone,

      Over the moon today:) as we have had a positive skills assessment back which shows that my husband is placed on the CSL list. We are looking at moving out to Adelaide. We are still unsure if the 175 visa would be best/quicker orif the ss 176 visa would be best for us.

      Any advice would be a fantastic help.



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      Kemp family

      We went to "Australia needs skills" expo at Excel a few weeks ago and the woman from the DIAC said that sponsored visas either employer or state would be processed a lot quicker than non sponsored!

      Hope that helps.

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      Look in to the PRO's and CON's of this...... getting here FASTER does not mean you will stay LONGER.

      Be aware of all the details with different visa's. Its a big step to take, so take your time.

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      It's sound advice to take your time researching the pro's and con's of each visa type (use www.immi.gov.au ). Sponsored visas are being processed with priority at the moment so may seem appealing, but 175 visa is the most flexible option and if you're on the CSL you will still be processed quickly.

      You can normally have a first phone consultation with a migration agent without obligation. Whilst they are unlikely to give you specific advice about your circumstances (without you parting with some money) they can summarise the different options for you in a clear way. This might help even if you don't intend to actually use an agent.

      No need to rush the decision - make sure you get all the facts to help you make the right choice for you !

      Good Luck.
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