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      Doubts regarding Documents to be posted

      Hi all,

      After submitting application for SS i am going to post the required documents. But i have some doubts:

      1. Dodument cover sheetmentions the documents to be sent. Can we post documents other than these like a detailed research (i was not able to write whole research due to space constrainrs).

      2. Financial capacity to be sent in original or attested copy?

      3. In the document cover sheet, who can witness the signature of the applicant. Does notary has to be witness or any person who is not a family member.

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      Hi Dan,

      We sent ours by courier last Monday and it says in the documentation that if you send anything other then the documents they have asked for they will destroy them, so not sure your extra document will be read. We sent a copy of the financial capacity, and our neighbour witnessed our signatures on the cover sheet.

      The documents went as I say Monday afternoon and they we delivered to Adelaide on Thursday, now the SA website says we have completed the necessary documents so all looks ok with what we did.



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      Hi Dan

      Re your point on research - I was in exactly the same position and I included other pieces of information that I had researched and included them as part of the application for example I had a book on Adelaide with details of recruitment agencies and I photocopied certain pages and made notes and highlighted bits - I also included bits of information downloaded from the 'Make the move' website on things that are of interest to me such as the festivals, shopping and of course the local vineyards.

      I hope this helps


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