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      On-line progress

      Hello there,

      If anyone can help with the following I would be grateful :

      On 9th June I lodged my on-line visa application. Since then I've sent all my supporting documentation (copy of passport, birth cert, skills assessment, etc, etc) but since then my on-line progress page hasn't changed at all.

      I want to be sure the documents have been safely received, but I am not sure what to expect - how often do they update the on-line progress pages ? Will it show the documents received on my "Document Checklist" page ? Or do I just have to wait for a case officier to be appointed ?

      I know I may be being impatient (and I know I have a lot more waiting to come) but once I know my documents have been received and are in good order I suppose I can relax because it's out of my hands then.

      I'm sure there are others out there who have had similar concerns. Your advice would be most welcome. Thanks.

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      Have you used an agent?

      We submitted our police and health checks over a month ago but not much has changed on the online portal. My agent has assured me that the case office has received them, but its just a long agonizing wait for them to be picked up and processed....


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      Hi Emma,

      Not used an agent, so no-one to chase it up on my behalf I'm afraid.

      The silence is deafening !

      I'm considering ringing DIAC to satisfy my burning curiosity.


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      Hiya Ian.
      Don't panic they will have received them, the annoying thing is though it doesn't come up on your status page. I submitted my 175 on the 26th June and although they had my medicals from my previous visa it still shows that my medicals are outstanding. However if you ring them up and give them your TRN you will find the next day your status page should have the date you phoned them plus a message next to it saying visa processed further (that bit made me feel better anyway lol).
      It doesn't hurt to phone them if you want to. Good luck.


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