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      Can anyone help with a visa query?

      Hi, I am probably creating problems that will prove to not even be an issue but this whole process seems to get me stressed about the smallest of details, probably cos I'm not using an agent!!

      Received SS in May and got the 176 application in 26th June. We are at the point where we have attached all documents required and are waiting. The problem I have is that I have been noticing on here that some people have been requested medicals and had there visas granted all within 2-3 months! Whilst that would normally be great, I was just wondering what would happen if my daughters, who are on the application, were in Australia at the time the visa was granted? I have one daughter due to come back to the Uk, from her gap year, in November and the other wants to join her for 2 months. I read somewhere that you need to be out of the country for the visa to be granted, but as we dont know when that would be it makes it difficult. Also, how long does it normally take when you have attached documents on-line, for it to show on the status page? Thank you for any advice you can give me,


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      Hi Glenda

      RE: Visa Grant- I think you should be OK - as far as I remember there was no deadline to get the visa sticker in the passport, so you could probably wait until all passports are in the UK to send them off. You just send the passports along with the letter granting your visas. Don't think it would matter they were not in the UK when granted, but someone else will have more knowledge and be able to let you know for definite.


      Sorry, can't answer other Q - agent did ours. Sure you'll soon get an answer though!

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      Thanks for that, I didn't know that was what you had to do. That will be Ok then, thanks again,


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      Hi Glenda
      Just been thinking about this a bit more...hope you get a definite answer soon as I realised I don't know the specific requirements of your visa type. I know there are Migration Agents use this forum so they can hopefully give a more confident answer!!

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      we said we couldn't have done it without our agent, so I admire you for doing it alone. Although I think it wouldn't hurt calling soemone up for a chat, to put your mind at rest.
      Everyone, we speak to, who's gone through it, or going through it, say's it's hard and stressful and it will be worth it, so that's what I keep telling myself and my hubby.x


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