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      please read to hopefully my mind at rest

      has anyone else done what we did, and not filled in office use only box on health requirement form. we have just made this discovery, but meds have now been couriered. will this affect things. why would it say office use only if it needs to be filled in by the applicant. how will they finalise meds if it aint got subclass or I D number on the form. am a bit worried now. did anyone else not fill this box in, and if so what was the outcome. would appreciate response from someone who has been through this

      Chris T

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      Hi Chris, dont remember filling anything in for medicals,,well we did have them 2005, but is it that important?, whats the worst that can happen? you have to fill out a new form? I wouldnt stress too much (I know easy for me to say) they know were only human and can make mistakes a long the way on the visa process! hope you can try to relax until you hear bk from them, and I would guess when it says on forms office use only - it means exactly that!!!!


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      I wouldn't worry too much, I only got told to fill that box in when our case officer requested we had the medicals -but some people have their medicals done before being contacted by a CO so I doubt they'd know to fill in the Office Use Only box. I found it a bit strange myself when I read it. Also if you printed off the forms that were on your online tracking document checklist they have your TRN number, passport number and DOB printed on the bottom automatically. I'm sure with the details on the form they'll identify you.

      If you were worried try emailing health.operations.centre@immi.gov.au

      They were very helpful with us, as our first medicals went missing so we've just had our second lot done this week! Hence why I feel a bit of an expert on them and the forms!

      Hope it all works out OK


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