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      hi all,
      i recently did an assessment online with commonwealth immigration to check if i could emigrate from UK to Oz as soon as i qualify as a registered nurse in 2008.
      They have emailed me back saying my husbands occupation (blow moulder) is closely related to a tool and die maker on the Australians occupation list and that we may be able to start application straight away!!
      Okay now the questions how long does it take? we are not able to go until next September 2008 anyway, as i said above this is when i qualify but just wondering about the average time-probably a post somewhere similar don't shoot me for double post:D
      How much will all of this cost? we are taking our 14 (then 15 year old daughter) and dog.
      Also will i find it easy enough to find work as a RN?
      and finally does anybody know of any places in the Adelaide area which we could contact about employment?
      thanks all, feels a bit more real now the ball is about to start rolling!!!! xxx

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      2 long we are going on a 136 started the ball roling in febuary and we recon/hope with a good wind we should be ok by dec /jan but I think it depends on the type of visa ;)

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      Hi Joanna

      It depends which visa as to how long as some go through faster than others. We signed with an agent on May 14th last year and got the visa Feb 12th this year - we were living in Adelaide in less than a year from starting the process on an SIR495 visa.

      Austimeline is a great site for looking at other peoples application timelines and should give you an idea. Another good idea is to talk to a few agents and go with the one that you feel most comfortable with. We contacted 3 and ended up using Go Matilda.

      Our costs roughly from start to finish -

      Agent 1450
      Certifying documents, postage etc 100
      Tra 120
      Medicals 475 (2 adults 1 child)
      Police Checks 20
      Visa 800
      Shippers with Insurance (20ft) 4250
      Flights 1104

      should give you some ideas :) sorry if I missed anything off

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      Wink thanks to both of you

      thanks for the information that's great, it will be next September the earliest we can go, so that sounds great. Isn't it scary wanted to do this for so long and now its just round the corner OK a long corner, just need to save the pennies now!! again thanks to you both for your assistance xxxx


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