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      Robarts Family

      When to move over?

      Hi there,

      Just wanted some advise please on State Sponsorship. We got approval the other week and just finishing off the paperwork to apply for a 475 visa. When would you suggest is the best time to move over after hopefully gaining the visa. I believe this visa is valid for three years but I think I have to work for two years full time as an Office Manager as thats specified with the state sponsorship.

      I am confused with the activating of the visa. Do you have 3 years from that date of the activation? Or 3 years from the date you receive visa approval?

      We just don't know whether to go straight away to activate the visa and do a reccie. Or plan to go 6-9 months after gaining the visa as we have to sell houses etc etc.

      Any advise would be most helpful.
      Thanks alot

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      When your visa is granted it will have a date it has to be activated by (usually a year from meds/police submitted). Your 3 years will start after the activation date expires. (We have a 4 year visa - granted Aug 08, activate by May 09, we arrived Nov 08, visa expires May 2013) - I hope this makes sense!
      We arrived end of Nov 08 just as summer was starting - it was good for getting out and about and we were at the beach nearly every day. The kids had a great holiday time before starting school at the end of Jan.

      Good luck with your visa!


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