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    Thread: Family and Friends - Do they really visit ????

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      We haven't had any visitors yet but it has only been 8 months, My MIL and FIL say they are coming at christmas for 2 months but haven't booked yet. It will be lovely to see them but 2 months in my house if I had still been at home I would never have spent 2 months worth with them in a year.

      As regards keeping in touch you will be surprised who does and who doesn't. My best friend at home never does but a few other good friends have made so much effort to keep in touch.
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      I skype my sister every other day at about 4pm (after the school run) and she is just having breakfast. We chat while she straightens her hair. She does her make up while looking in the web cam at herself. Its like i am sitting behind her mirror. I love it. We are still as close now as we were when we lived up the road from each other.

      It seems easier to chat when she is busy getting ready. We don't just sit staring at each other.

      I think the way to comunicate well is to have a routine and the time difference is not a problem.
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      This is such a tough one! When I left the uk my mum armed the immediate family with web cams so we could all skype (even my 92 year old Granddad!) and I have to say that sometimes this is better then a visit - you can turn them off! I don't 'talk' to everyone as much but I text a lot! We speak for longer at a time and in 18months my mum has been out to visit!

      Having said all of that with the GFC it is difficult. I'm marrying my aussie partner next year in adelaide and due to money being so tight (and jobs not so certain in UK) a couple of people who initially said they would come just cant afford it!

      So I don't think it's that people don't visit it's sometimes that, with all the best intentions in the world, it is a long way and what you thought was posible may not be in the cold light of day!

      not perfect but what can you do!

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      Fancy a Beer
      Quote Originally Posted by ThunderRoad View Post
      They say they will, but will they ???

      Once settled, will the 7 phone calls a week turn into a once a month quick chat, then an update email every 6 months????

      In your experience do people actually visit ??? Or do they just say they will, but don't for one reason or another.

      The strange thing we found is the ones you think definatly will come dont and the ones you think will never come do! So to speak! The phone calls are practically non-existant now nearly 3 years in, many have the "Well you decided to move away therefore its down to you to keep in touch"! attitude.

      I think that Facebook means we keep in touch with many we wouldn't do if it wasnt for Facebook if that makes sense!!

      As for visitors we not had many, but now seem to be getting quite a few phone calls, but then when the visitors come to me is a whole other story!!

      Certiainly makes you realise how dispensable you are, and how really deep down some of those people you thought were great mates really arnt!!
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      Certiainly makes you realise how dispensable you are, and how really deep down some of those people you thought were great mates really arnt!! [/quote]

      That is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo true.
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      I have an OZ Call Card VIP which costs only cents to call the UK. I phone my mum every day and have done for the six years we have been here, sometimes for 5 mins sometimes for 50 mins. The card lasts me a long time . You can either get a card from the Newsagent or over the internet.
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      It's just natural progression really, your life has changed and you begin to have less in common with those that you knew in the UK. Unless they visit , they have no concept of your life here except what they see on the TV. Think back to those of you who had BFFs in primary school, but went on to different secondaries swearing you would be friends for always.....a few years down you have seperate friendship groups, do different things and probably see little of each other or visit. Move this to being seperated by 10000K and it gets even harder to retain commonalities that maintain friendships.
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      We've been here for 5 years and my parents are arriving shortly for visit #5 and hubbie's parents have been 3 times. We bought a house with guest bedroom and bathroom at the opposite end of the house from ours so we could be comfortable and have some privacy when we have guests BUT... we had both sets of parents stay for 3 weeks each and decided it wasn't a good idea to have guests and that everyone is much happier when under their respective rooves!!

      We have just bought an investment property to cater for the family visits (my parents have just retired and are planning 3 months at a time from now on...) and now we feel relaxed......

      My parents had only ever been to France before they made the long-haul to Aus. they made no promises about coming out to visit but fell in love with Adelaide. We can't keep them away!
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      i guess the you moved statement summs it up best for me.
      And the school friends one.

      We did decide to move. so we have to get on with it, which i don't mind.
      I now speak to my mother more than ever via skype, and she visits in a few weeks time.
      The in laws have been twice and hints have been made about staying longer.

      Phone calls etc can be expensive unless set up correctly.
      I used to talk crap for hours on orange back home because it was in the tariff. Not here!

      Emails dwindle out from friends, you still get the group crap emails, but rarely real emails.

      The people you least expect keep in touch, which is good in a weird way.

      We all live are lifes, and they live theres, we moved, they are in the same circle, it's up to us to create new ones.

      It's a bloody good post though as many do not realise this is all part of the mind game research.
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      We've been here 39 years, and only had one cousin visit in 2004.


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