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    Thread: Still waiting for case officer!

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      Still waiting for case officer!

      I haven't been on here for months to be honest as I suppose I'm a bit deflated with it all now. We were told in June it would be 2 weeks to get a case officer and we are still waiting!!! Is this normal? I'm concerned that the visa's are dated from when you have your medicals and that was May. So the clock is ticking to validate and we still have no visa's to validate. There is no contact in between the waiting and the not knowing is driving me mad!We are going on a 176 visa which is supposed to be being fast tracked apparently. Is anyone else losing the will?


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      Hi Ellie,
      We too were getting a bit anxious about getting a case officer. We lodge all the paperwork on the 3rd of June and heard nothing at all until Thursday when we got our case officer assigned, so fingers crossed it shouldn't be long now at all for yours. I am also on the 176 visa. Booked our medicals and x-rays for the 19th of August.
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      The Dimmocks

      Our visa was granted on the 23rd July and we had our medicals on the 22nd June. We have until the 13th July 2010 to validate so ours is not the day of medicals, we originaly thought this too.

      Hope not to long until you get your case officer. Good luck with your process.

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      I suppose the thing I don't understand is everyone has done things differently depending on agents. Our agent wouldn't entertain sending our paperwork until the medicals were completed and ok'd, the police checks were through etc. I'm worried that the length of time we are waiting for the case officer through no delay from us is unfair as it is taking time off the time off the visa and adding unessecary pressure. We have decided the if we don't hear anything next week we are seriously considering packing into the container ready for shipping and moving out so once we get the visa's it won't be long before we can go. It's scary trying to get everything to fall into place isn't it? I'm sure it will be worth it!


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