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      SA meet and greet service.

      I have just been granted my 176 visa and was wondering if anyone here has used the "meet and greet" serices, (for use of a better name) that the SA immigration people provide. Basically they meet you at the airport, drive you to your tempory accomadation that they have organised etc.
      An advice on this would be great.
      Cheers Chidge

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      Hi Chidge, I'm sure a lot on here will have used the meet and greet service, with many finding it really useful (particularly if never having visited before) and others (like us) less so but grateful nonetheless. It's pretty much as you've described it, although when you mention the 'temporary accommodation that they have organised' you're venturing into On Arrival Accommodation (OAA) territory, which is often used in tandem with M&G, but is a separate service.

      Cheers, Jim


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