Yes Morphett Vale is a very big suburb and there are good and poor areas due to its size, there are new properties and old properties and some in the middle.
We are close to the woodcroft side about 400m away from the shopping centre and our house is about 12 years old so we have a large 880sqM block with a large 4x2 house.
There are loads of primary schools to choose from( I had a choice of about 5) and there are private schools both anlican,baptist and catholic. My girls go to Woodcroft Primary at the momment, which is an excellent school.
We are about 10 mins from the beach and collanades, shops, swimming pool, ice rink, cinema etc. It takes Nick between 30-40 mins to get the city dependant on time of day.

All I can say is that we bought our house 3 days after arrival and have never looked back.

But as other posters say it does pay to look around because photos from Real estate can be very mis leading!! We always planned when we were in the UK to live in Hallet Cove because we liked what we saw, however when we got here we took about 30 secs for both of us to say" not for us" (too hilly, nothing else, so Hallet covers don't get upset), The photos on the internet do not show you this.

You need to shortlist your areas and have a real good look around. Who knows you may find what you want on the first or second day of looking. we did

all the best