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    Thread: Advice Landline & internet connection down in Aldinga OTHER than Telstra?

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      Advice Landline & internet connection down in Aldinga OTHER than Telstra?

      Hi....seeing as there are now lots of you living in Aldinga Beach...does anybody have their landline & internet connection through a different supplier other than TELSTRA?
      Just weighing up the options & the best deal!

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      Hi, Unfortunatley, we had to go for a 5GB 72. bigpond wirelss modem via Telstra.
      It is okay, although at the weekend we did experience some delay with Skype.
      We were in a 2 year contract with netspace and even though its them who cant supply they want the next 12 months installments out of us ! even after taking $ 99 off us for telling us that they cant supply ! we would have stayed with them...
      I dont think there is anyone else at present, and we had to get a 3 year contract with Telstra !

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      Wersal Gummage
      The rubbish deals that Telstra offer are shocking.
      if you can get with any other supplier do so.
      Have a look on this website plenty to choose from.


      please dont get a package the charge you for going over your download/upload limit, Telstra like to offer these packages which can end up very very expensive Mucho Dollars $$$
      Plenty of other suppliers just throttle you down to dial-up speed when you go over, so thats the way to go.
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