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    Thread: Medicals - does anyone feel conned?

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      When we first arrived we had only our suitcases, and as we had rented our UK house out fully furnished, we needed to buy everything from scratch here. It seemed that most things were rather expensive at first look, but it was easier to convert back to 's and see if you would pay that much in England.
      We spent approx $40,000 but this furnished our whole 3 bed rental and got us 2 decent used cars.
      We arranged the rental before we left the Uk.We paid $1800 bond and a month upfront rent. It cost us $300 to arrange telstra in the rental (we got $200 back from the landlord eventually) $300 for foxtel (which is rubbish) and $200 for the initial internet connection. Then $45 a month for internet access. We got pay as you go sims and they worked in our uk phones so if you can get yours unlocked before you come as its not cheap and if you have no job or aussie id it can be quite hard to get a contract phone.
      We are still using our UK driving licences but once we get PR we will have to pay for this, it isn't that expensive i'm led to believe and you can pay for a year of 5 years I think.
      We also built our home In Aldinga beach from England which incurred obvious costs.

      Financial woe seems to follow us though and everything we do seems to cost us loads more than we anticipated. Even things like getting a fence put up round your house costs thousands. Even more if your neighbours refuse to pay half!!

      Obviously these costs wont be the same for everyone, but it does help if you have some finacial security behind you. Hope this doesn't fill you with too much dread, as even though we are eternally skint, we are also eternally grateful and happy to be here and enjoying the wonderful life that we have!

      Enjoy your last 2 weeks in England and have a safe journey to the sunny side
      JC xxx

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      I hope you don't mind me asking (we're off in less than 2 weeks now) ...what initial costs did you find when you arrived in Oz? We have been told we'll need money for new driving licences, and also licences for my OH's work, but we would be interested to know what other costs you think we might incurr. We have sold our house so have the money from that, but it's hard to work out how much will be left for a new home.

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      I think the medicals are a bit of a racket. We had ours done in Dover (nice) and it too was a"lovely" surgery, although the staff and doctor were quite nice. I think it was about 380 for the two of us, not bad work if you can get it. Buckland hospital is also like stepping back 30 years.

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      Hi JC. Thanks for that...really helpful. We have a container load coming out and we have sent everything so hopefully not too much in the way of furniture and stuff to buy. But useful to know about the phones and internet.
      Thanks again,

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      Hi Mark

      I am looking to book medicals in the near future - I live in Dunfermline and have been looking at doctors in the Edinburgh area - can you recall the name of the practice that you visited? and how long ago did you have your's done.

      Cheers for your help.


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      We paid 400 for both of us back in Jan 2008. This week we received a letter from the clinic refunding us the VAT amount paid!

      This could be a nice saving for a large family so be sure to ask if you should be paying VAT or not.

      See this post: http://www.pomsinadelaide.com/forum/showthread.php?t=12228




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