[quote=hensonmonsta;101753] We hope to move over with 50k from our house sale.... this is everything we have....but I do worry that we are using our life savings ( i.e. retirement fund) to live our dream of moving to Australia for the sake of our children and for a better family life... I now worry that we may use alot of the savings whithin the first few months We were hoping to put most of our money away until we settle in and then use some of the money as a deposit for when we buy our first home...and also "what about when we retire!!!!"

OMG what a worry, please can someone reasure me....[/quot

Don't worry thats 30k more than we had, u should be able to get here, sort urselves out (cheapish car, rent for a few months etc) and still have $50k to put down on a place. As alot of people have said already it does take a little while to sort things out and get in that position u wanna be. Once u've secured permanent employment - the pressures off.

We love it here, and definately in a much better position financially than we were in the UK. ;) Good luck.