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    Thread: Cost of a Medical in Adelaide

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      Cost of a Medical in Adelaide

      Does anyone have any idea how much an immigration medical costs in Adelaide.

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      The figure they give you is about $300.00 and I just checked and mine cost $270.00 so its pretty close. My xrays were taken at the RAH chest clinic and then my medical was done in the same building as immigration on Currie st.

      Hope that helps

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      Thanks Nicky,
      did the $270 include x-rays and blood tests

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      We had our medicals done in January through HSA , Level 8 West, 55 Currie Street ( phone 8468 6084).

      Prices were
      Adults $271
      medical, chest xray, blood test and photo.

      Child 11 yrs $ 234
      medical, chest xray and photo

      Child 8 yrs $172
      medical and photo

      We had our appointment within 1 week of phoning up. You need to go back a few days later to get your blood test results. Medical ( if you can call it that !) was very basic and definately not worth the money you pay for it but, hey thats life!. Also they seem to give about 4 familys the same appointment time so be prepared to wait around for a while.
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      Hi guys, thanks for this information! We are just beginning the long slog of PR and I have just found out that I have to sit the English exam before we can apply! English born and bred, but hey ho, if it lets us stay.......The only thing i'm worried about is if I actually fail it!!! lol!
      I have to say that I hadn't even considered having to do the medicals again, do the British medicals expire we've only been here 8 months????? another $1000 slipping away......... :-)
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      Yes as susan says that price was fully inclusive of x rays, blood test and photo. You can also book online at
      I agree that the medicals didn't seem particularly comprehensive especially after I just had a pre employment medical which took 3 times longer and checked EVERYTHING -I don't even do a body heavy job - I work as a PA!

      Good luck anyway
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