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      We went to Emigrate 2004 at Sandown Park and found it really useful. We hadn't started the process then so got loads and loads of helpful info. There were people from the Emmigration Agencies, banks, various state governments, nursing agencies, house builders,removals & shipping companies and loads of other things.

      If you are just starting the process or just at the "thinking about it" stage then they can be a really great source of information.

      They can be a great day out sometimes so it might be worth a nosey if you've got a few hours to spare!!!


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      Rachel & Jeff
      Thanks to everyone who has replied.:)

      I think we will definately make an effort to get to one. I started this thread because I noticed one in Coventry on 6/7 October but I'll have a look at the one at the NEC as it is closer to home.
      We are currently in that waiting stage and will actually have done a reccie by then (10 days to go) but maybe we can find out more about specific things that are relevant to us.


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      Emigrate2 Shows

      Hi Rachel

      One of my friends here in Adelaide runs a relocation assistance company that will have a stand at both the Coventry and York shows. She may well be able to get you a free ticket! Drop her a line on info@h2h.com.au - she's really lovely and you won't be obligated to buy anything!

      Even if you don't get in touch with her beforehand, if you want to chat with someone who lives in Adelaide, and has 'been there, done that, bought the t-shirt' on the emigration front, drop by and say hi to her on her stand!

      Have fun

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      Geordie Boy
      Hi folks,

      As a very enthusiastic "newbie" can you advise where I can find out about these exhibitions , especially those with potential employers' exhibits - they sound like the sort of thing I need just now


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      hi geordie boy, trevor
      this might sound like a simple answer but what info i found was jusy by typing emigration shows into a google search. i did not find all but it got me on the right path.
      hope this helps you some


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