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      Attaching Documents to 475 visa


      I have just submitted my online application for the 475 visa. From the checklist it seems I have to get all my supporting documents certified. I notice on the forum that people have uploaded colour scanned documents without them being certified. Has this now changed and they all need certifying now as I have searched the DIAC website and I cannot find where it says you can upload colour scanned documents.

      Can anyone tell me if it is still possible and if there is a link on the DIAC website to say its allowed? I really dont want to get them certified if i dont have to.

      Thanks for your help.

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      If the Documents are originals in colour you can upload them, but if the originals are in black and white then you need to have them certified as they could just be copies.

      However, if you are in any doubt I suggest emailing DIAC for confirmation.

      Hope that makes sense.

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      I have lodged my 475 at the end of just past June. I never found any statement on this on DIAC website either but uploaded colour scans (non certified). I haven't got the visa yet but they seem to be accepting the scanned docs as my checklist now states those uploaded documents as "met". Hope this helps and good luck!


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