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      Check out adelaidebound.com they have a check off list on it they also have lots of info on allsorts of matters to do with Adelaide, they also have a check off list in a magazine Australia and New Zealand could can find this at whsmiths (if it hasn't gone belly up like woolworths)

      My personal faviourite get two diary's one for recording all the info phone numbers remembering where to be and when and the other record your feelings when you get a bit homesick its great to look back over it and see what inspired to make the move.

      Good luck, its now excitement all the way.

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      congrats on booking your flights!!
      we'll be flying 31 october

      i take it you've sold your house and are in rented?
      hand in notice on your rental ;)

      are you ready for the shippers? will you ship your things over? have you contacted them? decided on one?

      contact all the suppliers for your house: electricity, gas, water, council tax, phone, broadband, tv licence, home insurance,

      sell your car and cancel car insurance; request P45 for tax credit; cancel child benefit;
      any credit cards?; library; any life insurance?

      inform school

      travel insurance; mail redirection (we'll use mil and not bother with an oz redirection);
      we'll also put mil onto our bank account so we all have access;

      open oz bank account; sign up with a money transfer company; book short term accomodation; rental car?;

      just off the top of my head

      good luck!

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      Agree with all of the above, plus we also have the following on our (long, and still growing) list:

      Pension providers
      Doctors surgery/dentists
      Organise huge leaving party
      Tax office - form 85 (I think) to reclaim any tax overpaid in a year (you can say where you want the money paying)
      Sending back all/any junk mail or unwanted catalogues etc. (We made stickers labelled 'return to sender' to make it really easy!!)
      Check out all the direct debits on bank account and start cancelling if not needed any longer



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      Thanks to everyone who has answered my post. I love forum! I am frantically writing down all suggestions. Will go to W.H Smiths to get mag. No havent sold house , up for sale but looking into renting it as well carnt keep using the house as an excuse. We are all excited but I am usually the one who sorts everything out so I am panicking and the rest of the family keep saying chill your beans Mom. CHILL MY BEANS!!! Couldn't sleep last night so emailed removal companies to contact me. As for family we havent got any. There is only the five of us no extended, need a party for friends though. We have already opened a bank account and transfered money back in Feb 09 so we were lucky. Oh also emailed OAA. So I have started the ball rolling on somethings due to your help already. Keep it coming it is greatly appreciated and we cannot wait to come to a get together. Dan you appear to be the social secretary over there keep it up.
      Thanks again for all the replies regards Janine x


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