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Hi Suzanne,

Henley Beach has got some trendy restaurants and has big old houses.
Glenelg has got some very nice restaurants, cafes, all kinds of shops, tram that goes into the city.
Brighton is just about the pick of the bunch. There is a good public high school (Brighton High School) with respectable students and also private schools (Catholic), a few restaurants, very large shopping centre (Westfield Marion) just up the road and the beach is excellent. You can walk 2 metres from your car and you are literally on the beach itself and there is the Brighton Jetty. There are also express trains in the morning that run from Brighton Station into the city that take about 20 mins.
Hallett Cove can be recommended too, as it has a younger population than the others. It is spacious with schools, newly improved shopping centre with the Cove Tavern next door, beach is ok but not recommended for swimming, better suited to the views and the Hallett Cove Conservation Park that has a very unique rock formation from millions of years ago. There are express trains in the morning running from Hallett Cove to the city that take on average about 30 minutes. There are many parks that are very large and there is a bus running from the train station to Lonsdale Road (main road) and even further.
Seacliff is the cheapest of them all, but the houses are quite average. Although keeping in mind that Seacliff is located literally just up the road from Brighton. You would be saving money by buying in Seacliff and at the same time still have the facilities of Brighton next door to you.
I agree with all that, except for Seacliff being the cheapest. Hallett Cove is cheaper than Seacliff, like for like, whether renting or buying, by quite a bit.