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      confussed or what!!!!


      My family are starting the process of applying for are visa but we are so confussed which is the best possible way to start this. Is going it alone or with a agent the best way?? Also which is the exact visa I should be applying for? I have done a skill test and just gain the required points. Is there different between the skilled worker visa and the permanant visa. Help!!!!

      Johnny and family

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      Hi Johnny

      Welcome to the forum :lol: and the wonderful :?: :!: world of migrating.

      We went with an agent as our TRA was not an easy one but know plenty of others that have gone alone and got the visa too so that bit is down to choice and how confident you feel with the paperwork.

      Which visa you go for will depend on your skills and points. I would recommend having a free chat with an agent so they can advise you the way to go even if you then go alone. We used Go Matilda and they will happily chat through your options with you and send a quote without you parting with a penny.

      Good luck!!


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      Hi Johnny & Family


      We are Jen, Ian, Jay, Sam & Noah, We did Ians skills assessment about a year ago but didn't send our application off untill June last year. We did it without using an agent and found it all fairly straight forward. I think as long as you have a fairly uncomplicated application your'e OK. If you have any questions people on this and other forums are always willing to help if they can. We just had our medicals so I'm assuming we didn't cock up the application too much 8) .

      Jen & Ian


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