I am going through the same sort of dilemma when it comes to leaving my frinds and family. However, having given it serious thought and consideration, i return to the lifestyle and space Oz has to offer my two young boys. Their lifestyle will significantly improve if we go there. Here is taxation upon taxation, expensive living for little return, crap weather, and few options for independant living for the boys as they get old. Hell, even the pension will end up paying for otherpeople now. It is a hard fact of English living that we are forced to pay out so much, including childcare, whilst we work our butts off for what?

The more i think about it, the more i am convinced Oz is a viable and sensible option.

What it all boils down to for me, in the end, is my gut instinct and the care and consideration i have for my life now. Im sure if my kids were older, i would support anything they choose to do for themselves and their own too - even if i feel upset about it.

Trust in yourself my friend. It is YOUR life. After all, isnt the job of parents to enable their kids to live independantly and responsibly?!!!