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    Thread: Excess baggage

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      We're flying with BA on November 3rd and they only offer the standard 23kg which isn't brilliant. I did however speak to a great operator who told me there was no weight limit on hand bagage and I don't know if you've seen the maximum size of hand luggage but it's litterally half a big suitcase.

      Laptops aren't classed as hand bagage so keep that in its own seperate bag if you're worried about the weight of a bag. I'll personally will be taking 1 large suitcase, 1 big as I can hand baggage item and a laptop.

      We were also told we could take an extra suitcase for about 70, I don't know how that compares to shipping a box over though.

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      Excess baggage

      Is it true the election to apply excess contributions to the PFB must be made before the end of the plan year?If that is true can the plan sponsor elect to apply receivables in excess of the MRC to the PFB, OR can the receivables just not be applied to the PFB?

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      Quote Originally Posted by markjohn View Post
      Hi all,
      We are within 6 weeks of arriving in Adelaide on a 495 visa.I have looked through all the relevant threads about excess baggage allowance.
      Now starting to panic as cant find out if you are entitled to the extra allowance on a 495 visa.
      Any help gratly appreciated as it affects what is shipped next week

      Thanks Mark
      Hi Mark,
      we arrived last week but cannot help you as we were tied to the max with Virgin Blue (23kg's) as we came via Melbourne. We we're massively over fro them - mmm forgot about the weight of the two golf bags - free on most international flights.

      Maybe worth considering not bringing suitcases as they can weigh 5kgs if they are the wheeled variety. We went to argos and bought the very large sports bags which are very light. Be warned though, you can get them very heavy you jam clothes in.

      If you are bringing a set of clubs, you might get away with packing the carrier with clothes as they can fit two sets in;)
      Good luck,

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      We flew with Singapore Airlines (fab!) and despite weighing the luggage over and over we were around 12kg over the 20kg each limit. They didnt bat an eye and didnt even mention it! we also maxed out our hand luggage so we managed to sneak around 20kg extra :D

      I think that it is only PR that get the 40kg each limit unfortnately but worth phoning to check :)


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