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    Thread: Medical issues

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      Oh its a difficult one.

      We were advised by our agent to mention any problem, as if they find out later it could jeapordise things.

      I had some problem and the doc has asked for more info. Not sure yet whether meds will get passed, but at least ive mentioned it, and im getting a report from the doc to say no further health issues.

      Best to be on safe side i would say.

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      I replied to a friend of yours with the post below in another forum.

      This is a "Specialist' subject of mine.

      Your friend should not worry at all,I'm not suprised it does not bother him now.It is something that happens particularly in teen years.

      I've had the full works..............

      On separate occasions I've had a collapsed lung 5 times!!!

      I had an operation on each lung to stop this happening - called a Pleurectomy which basically strips off a skin from the lung and removes the air pockets that make the collapse possible. (yer lungs are held up by vacuum).I think they even shove some gunk in to repair any leaks??

      So I now have 92 stitches in my back that looks like I've had a tussle with a shark.

      Not bothered me for years,done loads of exercise/ weight training and so on.

      At the medicals I was told the operations were old fashioned and now less invasive techniques are used.

      No real drama or concerns - so If I can pass the medical ,your friend can!!!

      Hope this helps.

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      Thanks Happy Jools very much for you reply. I have decided to tell the full truth at the medicals next week so hopefully everything will go ok.

      Hope to see you in adelaide , Maybe we can go and watch a good football team like Adelaide utd instead of sunderland.

      Thanks Again

      The geordie

      Thanks Tyke,
      This is a great help. I will be honest and tell all.
      Hope to see you in Adelaide, we can talk about collapsed lungs until we are blue in the face

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