Well after 4 and a bit months looking for a job in Adelaide with not even hearing a peep from anything I applied for I decided to jump ship and try my luck in Sydney. Been here 3 weeks and had 2 phone interviews, 2 in person interviews, and managed to get a job which I started today.

Im on a 2 month trial, but they have said if they like me after that, they will look at sponsoring me permanently, (or at least for the 2 years I require till I qualify for applying for perm res)

Theyve asked me to investigate into what sponsor options there are for them. Its an educational establishment, but I believe the education sponsor visa was ditched in September?

Can anyone give me a quick low-down of what options are available, what prices they might incur, and any caveats there might be.

(PS. I hope its OK still to post here, being a non Adeladian now :))