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      Adelaide Newspaper

      Hi Guys
      Does anyone know the details of the company whom you can buy a copy of the main Adelaide newspaper from? I used to have their details, and got a couple of issues sent over from them, but can't remember it now.
      Be good to look at the main Saturday paper for info about real estate, jobs, cars, the local news and what's happening ....
      Thanks in advance -

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      Hi Mark and Pamela

      Not sure about buying, but you can view online (which is what we did) just google The Advertiser Newspaper and it brings up their website for the weekend edition.
      Perhaps from there you may be able to see about buying a copy and having it posted to you.
      Let me know if there is anything specifically you want us to look out for and we can post you a copy, or whatever section you are looking for.

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      Hi Guys the website for the advertiser is www.adelaidenow.com.au !!

      Hope this helps just email them for yout subscription !!

      Cheers Jo


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