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      I've been a bit concerned that my other half would have trouble with proving his trade, he's been a carpenter for over 20 years but was taught many years ago when he was 17 by a guy who is now deceased. He worked for his dad for many years and has been employed and self employed at various times in the last 11 years, we lived in Tenerife for 7 of those!
      Anyway I've been picking his brains and done some searching on the internet and one of the companies he worked for back in the 80s is actually still going which is a bonus, he even remembers the owners name! I was wondering however if any one can advise me on a couple of things for example will they accept his dad verifying that he worked for him? The company was liquidised a number of years ago so no longer offically exsists.
      Also what are the rules on who can translate documents? Alot of his proof of being a carpenter in Tenerife is obviously in Spanish!
      The last 4 years are very easy to prove so no worries there.

      Is anyone on here self employed? I know that my other half would want to work for himself again at some point although he would work for someone else to start with, he has lived in both Tenerife and South of France and always starts off employed as it's a good way to settle and check everything out.


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      Answered some of your questions on here - http://www.pomsinadelaide.com/forum/...ead.php?t=1307:)



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