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      the terry's

      136 visa

      Is it true that to get all entitlements eg medicare, child benefit etc you need to get 136 visa. I've heard that if you get a spnsored visa your not entiltled to anything is that right ???

      Clarification gratefully received. Helen

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      There are different typs of sponsered visas, eg I am STNI which means I have PR and am entitled to child benefit and rent assist, these are not like the uk, they are based on your earnings, including what you may be earning in interest on you "lump" sum from UK house sale you could be keeping in the bank. The more you earn the less you get.

      If you are on a SIR visa, it gives you temporary residency, which means the only thing you will get is medicare. I have heard a lot of people on forums say they are not entitled to medicare on SIR, I am not sure if this has something to do with being from Ireland!!!.
      I know loads of people on SIR and are all entitled to medicare.

      Hope that helps


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