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      Query with Application Status

      Since our agent submitted our online application nothing has changed except processed further when our CO was assigned.

      Today the first page changed to show health requirements finalised and medical results and blood test received. Does this mean they are ok?

      Also the document checklist has not changed at all (still showing required on everything) including all documents sent with on-line application plus x-ray, which they must have as sent with all other medical stuff.

      Is this normal?

      Does anyone have any recent experience of time scales from now?

      Probably just impatient but after waiting so long we are now nearly at the finish line!

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      I would not trust the on-line status too much as they are not inline with the front and back pages but guessing from what you said all your meds are fine and you should hear very soon.

      It was like that with ours, the back page said required but the front said we had our Visa we just had to wait for our CO to notify our agent offically. So hopefully by the end of next week but there is no guarantee of course.

      Good luck
      Michelle, Phil, Nathan, and Libby. PR175 arrived Oct 2009

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      Hi There All

      Its all dependant on Case Officers and work load, We sent our meds and please checks prior to ourcase office being appointed as this was advice recieved when we where in the same situation. Dont worry about the checklist as this will not change until a case officer is appointed

      Again its also dependant on visa approval limits, we sent all docs etc around this time last year and did not recieve a cash officer until Feb 09, I can only say the best advice i can give is to put your mind at rest call immi direct for an update as each case is different and theres nothing better than hearing it from the horses mouth

      Good Luck

      Earl, Alison & Izzy


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