We are planning a trip to Adelaide in order to validate our visa's and make a final decision about our future.
Our meds have been finalised today (175 Visa) and we really want to come for a visit in March / April 2010, to coincide with the kids Easter holidays. I'd really like to book the flights / accommodation etc soon, as prices are rising.....
But.......what if we don't get the visas in time, then we will be forced to make another trip to validate, or move much more quickly than we may want.
Personally, I'd buy a one way ticket, but OH is unsure about the whole emigration idea, so I need to convince him.
Anyway...how long does it normally take between meds being finalised and the visa being issued on 175s ?
Can some of you please help by letting me know your timelines from all items on the document checklist being "MET" to getting the treasured visa in the passport.
Looking forward to getting to Adelaide soon....