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      HELP 110v Power Tools


      Can anyone help. Can OH bring his 110V power tools and use them legally. Conflicting posts on other sites. Can't get a definate answer from anyone. OH starting to stress and can see this ending in an argument



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      Hi Jane
      Now then, my OH will tell me off if I get this wrong (and he is not here to check) but he brought all his power tools (not sure about power though) with him and they all work fine. Did not know there might be a legal issue over them! He is a carpenter and all his Dewalt drills, routers, blah, blah whatever they are - are all here and working well. We also brought all our electrical stuff - hairdryers, straigheners, TVs, videos, DVD players, stereos etc etc and all you have to do is change the plugs.
      Hope I have got this right, but will check with OH later and see what his opinion is!

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      Hi Jane

      Greg bought all his 110 tools and transformer and been using them fine - never heard of any legal implications

      Sarah - love the priority of your electrical listing - hairdryers, straighteners etc now blokes would have been TV, surround sound etc



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