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      Feeling Frustrated again........

      Hi Guys

      The wait is a killer isnt it...we are checking our email every day and thats just to see if we have recieved an acknowledgement on our 136. ARGHH!!

      Did anyone else send their visa application the sametime as us and recieved any news. Just trying to think ahead for the medicals etc. How long do they give you etc.

      Any advice appreciated

      Kimberley x

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      Hmmmmmm dose this mean youve been receted? we put our 136 in on 20/6 they took the money on 28/6 and we havent heard a thing since . Almost at screaming point!

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      We are checking every morning aswell.............................which is of no help to you whatsoever but thought i would share that with you. Very Frustrating, i think i will pass
      out from relief when the email arrives.

      Hope its soon for you all..............
      Huntfield Heights

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      Hi There,
      No havent been rejected working with an agent so the money has gone along with paperwork. She has acknowledge receipt and that she has sent it to the processing centre but have heard nothing since from PC. We are expecting to be acknowledge anytime now so says the agent, and then we will have to wait about another 8-10 weeks for a case officer so we have been told. We cannot go until Dec 08 but this waiting game is a nightmare.

      I don't know about any of you but Im shopping up a storm in sales for kids clothes in all different sizes my hubby has now started to protest Ha Ha!! Enjoying myself though so thats some relief.

      Thanks for your responses.

      kimberley x

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      wasnt trying to say rejected kimberly I was trying to say receipted!!! just a bad speller

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      Quote Originally Posted by ali@51 View Post
      wasnt trying to say rejected kimberly I was trying to say receipted!!! just a bad speller
      I did panic there for minute. Im terrible myself and can't anything without Spell Check!

      fingers crossed the wait is over soon for all of us.

      Kimberley xx:v_SPIN:

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      Waiting for a visa is like waiting for a taxi to take you out on a friday night!!!

      You decide just to nip to the loo or have a crafty fag (if you smoke) and there the taxi is pulling up outside!!!

      So distract away.........shopping, concerts, nights out with the girls (or boys) then you'll wake up one morning and there it will be lying on the mat!! Magic;););)

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      Hi Kimberley

      We sent our visa application on the 11th May and didnt get it receipted at all. They missed that bit out and acknowledged with a reference number two weeks ago. So three calendar months in total. We have now been told a wait of 4 months before we get a case officer which takes us to December. OH no, our initial plans were to go in Jan/Feb. Now our plans have changed.

      The waiting kills us.

      Still up for a coffee, to pass some time away if you fancy.

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      ralph n bev
      Looks like loads of us are waiting for case officers!
      We havnt done the meds yet or got the house up for sale, once we are back from the reccie we will be phoning gomatilda.
      Hopefully things will start moving then , we will put the house up for sale at least!!
      We expected to hear around November /December if we had got the visa.
      Looks like the way things are going it may be later.

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      That sound similar to us our original plan was to go after christmas but We think after easter Is more likly now go matilda seem to think this is normal so we will just continue to go


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