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      Hi everyone, I know this question has come up before but for the life of me I can't find the threads. Please can anyone help me with costs for medicals as I know that they vary quite a lot. We are willing to travel a reasonable distance if costs are much lower than our local one in Handsworth, Birmingham.

      Had laser eye surgery a couple of years ago, has anyone put this down on their medical forms?

      Had a minor foot operation 6 years ago but my doctor no longer has any record of it - should I still put it down on the form?

      Any help/advice would be much appreciated

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      We travelled from Exeter to Southampton for our meds and saved £200 by doing so which paid for a weekend away to have the meds

      We paid £65 each for our xrays which we had done at 9am at Southampton Bupa Hospital. Then after haggling for cash (10% discount) we paid £350 for 2 x adults plus 1 x child meds with extra bloods for tattoos. We had the meds done at lunchtime so we could take the xrays along. Dr Goodall was an aussie and the service was amazing

      We had the meds done on 13th Nov, they phoned the following week to say all was fine and they had been posted and then they were finaised on 8th Dec in Sydney.

      It is an idea to mention anything relevant on the forms - just back it up with clearance letter from your doctor/eye laser centre. If you are not 100% ask the panel doctors advice.


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      Eyes and feet !

      Hi Swampo
      Snap!!!!!!! I'm the same as you - foot and eye! I too had laser eye surgery a few years ago, I included this on the medical form and spoke to the Doctor about it - no problems at all.
      By the way - isn't it fantastic? being able to see at last!!
      I broke my foot about 12 years ago - no ongoing problems, and the Doc was fine with that too.
      They are mainly looking for long-term and chronic type illnesses that will cause a drain on the Australian health system, so little things are okay as a rule.
      Good luck with it

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      Thanks for your replies.

      I have contacted the laser eye centre and they are supposedly going to send us letters of discharge. Maybe when we all finally get there we could swap stories of eyes and feet!! Yes it's great to be able to see distances really wel and not to have glasses steam up when you come in from the cold. However, we both now have to use reading glasses (it's an age thing) since having it done but would still recommend anyone to get it done, it's brilliant.

      Good luck with your visas


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