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      Advice on which forms please...

      Hi everyone, just joined up, been hoping to make the move to Adelaide area for ages but have been caught up with life stuff. Anyway by chance, it seems my husband has been offered a full time job with a firm in Adelaide. This has come about very suddenly, we are still wading through all the visa options. Can anyone help me out with the way it works from here if we say yes (though i think thats pretty much decided from our end).
      I am downloading forms galore ready to print out, i am now in a total head fuzz muddle and hope someone may be able to through some light on it for me.

      If i have been reading things correctly, is it right that with employer nomination it is possible to get a visa quickly - the chap wants my husband to start in January!

      Thank you so much for any help you can give.:v_SPIN:

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      Hi the 457 is the quickest visa and the only one that would be granted for work purposes that quick! - employer has have or get approval from RCB, then the employer nominates your husband, then your visa application goes in. You will require to have chest x-rays only & full medicals are for any children under 18. Hope this helps this is the visa we came out on & we are now applying for RSMS - husband employer is sponsoring us perm! any other questions feel free to ask! x

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      Thanks for the reply, we are trying to pull it all together, just got off the phone from the prospective employer - he hasn't sponsored anyone before and has asked me to find out what info we need! So do you know who he has to contact? And then... next question, do we have to send off a TRA application as well before we send off our visa application?
      Sorry to sound so thick, i am determined to do all the forms ourselves and welcome any advice i can get.

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      You should be able to find a link from http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/skilled-workers/

      Good luck


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