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      Ex British Military

      Has anyone here gone across after leaving HM Forces but arrived before their official exit date?
      Do I have to wait until my official exit date before getting a Tax File No Etc?

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      You don't have to wait until your official ex-tour date but you can't start work until after it without prior permission from the MOD. I'm presuming your out out and not a reserve?

      We had to wait until after hubby's ex-tour date because he was joining the RAAF and we couldn't leave UK until he'd taken the oath and signed the dotted line in London. He had permission to start work before his ex-tour date but as you can only be a member of one Armed Forces he couldn't sign up with RAAF early.

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      Hi Steve, ive been med discharged from the RAF, so hopefully can help a little. I not sure on what visa your going out on but i had a hell of a job as they wouldnt approve our visas until after my discharge date and then had to prove that i had actually left (obviously not want persons to go AWOL), had to chase up all types of paper work and took about two months to sort out, discharged in the april visas granted in july, sorry if this is not what you want to hear, i wasnt even the primary applicant.
      Obviously i wasnt joining the Aussie forces, may be diffent if you are.

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      Thanks for the advice to you both, We may have to delay our entry into Adelaide now due to taxation issues and the AFPS 75 Lump sum !!! so it may now be Jan 2011 anyway!!! B***ger1


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