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    Thread: Hard last week

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      I managed to spread out the goodbyes so we didn't have them all in one go, one of the hardest if not the hardest was my best friend of 20 years, I think I found that the hardest as I know that it will be a very long time if ever that i see her again. We were both very pleased to leave when it came to it as we had spent 5 days living with his parents and 8 people in a three bed was cosy to say the least. My mum and brother came to the aiport (didn't want anyone but seeing that my mum had helped fund us getting here couldn't really say no). They were really good and saved their tears until we were out of sight. Only our oldest really understood fully what was happening and seeing him saying goodbye to my brother broke my heart as they have a special bond. But we have been here a year and never looked back, my mum flies out in less than 2 weeks and it will be the first time she has seen our new baby.

      Give us a shout when you get here and we can meet up

      safe journey

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      Quote Originally Posted by churchj1 View Post
      Hi, We left for Aus on 10th January so we could spend christmas with our families and I think they really appreciated it. I know the girls loved spending time with everyone, and to be honest the excitement of moving here added to the excitement of the holidays. We banned people from coming to the airport and chose early morning flights to help prevent it as we didn't want the last thing the children seeing being upset and crying grandparents. We all made promises not to cry and there was never a goodbye mentioned - only see you later which really helped all of us.

      The worst thing for us about all of it was giving the children their presents on christmas day only to have to take them away again 3 days later when the container came for shipping!!! Carys was devastated when we took her very long awaited scooter away!!!! We ended up buying another when we got here she was so upset,so plan for that, it may be better to save your "good" pressies till you get here.

      Have a wonderful christmas with your friends and family and never be upset about someone elses feelings, people are bound to be upset that they won't see you in the flesh for a while. You are about to embark on the journey of your lives and that is something to be very happy about. Your friends and family will visit you and you guys will go back, you'll also make a new family here in Oz which is the best thing.....

      If you are in the southern suberbs when you arrive drop me a message and we'll arrange a play date/coffee.
      Take care and enjoy.....
      Thanks for your post. Will pm you so dont hijack this thread!!
      Good Family, Woodcroft
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