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    Thread: Port Pirie

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      Kemp family

      Port Pirie

      Hi, not looked on here for ages as the Oz dream had taken a back seat, until an email from a company in Port Pirie that my OH had met during an Oz expo last year. They have asked if we are still interested in working there. My question is what is that area like for families, schools etc? We have 2 girls one almost 5 and the other 14 months so we need to be sure it is family friendly. On the map it seems quite a way from Adelaide but I suppose that is Brit thinking as distances are so vast over there.

      Any thoughts on the area would be much appreciated, cost of living... well just about anything actually!

      Many thanks


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      2.5 to 3 hours north of Adelaide. My Daughter has friends who cam from the area, they loved it (all under 12)
      I am afraid thats all i know, but it will be a more relaxed pace of life, where everyone will know your name within a short space of time, which isn't a bad thing over here. I am pressuming its one of the big industry 's seeking staff as things are starting to pick up again up there, especially the lead place
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      I was up there last week - hopefully you will take this for what it is - the view of someone who spent a couple of days and was pretty curious about what makes it tick.

      The plus points: on the up, growing population, fuelled principally by people from the mines (notably Roxby Downs) making it their homes, and going to grow more. Got all the bits and bobs you could want: restaurants, shopping centre, new house builds (land sales going strong). Even got a beach in the town. ALso relatively close to places like Moonta (fantastic beaches) and the Yorke Peninsula - Adelaide's playground and fishtastic!
      The minus points: long way from anywhere if you are a city boy. The lead industry (check out 10 by 10, the joint initiative to minimise lead contamination in the local population)


      The lead industry employs around 700, plus a bucket of associated trades, so is pretty much the major employer in the town.

      Those that know will tell you where the lead is less of an issue (one end of the town a lot better...)

      There are towns within 15kms - like Crystal Brook, which are small towns. Period.

      Depends what you want, just trying to give a perspective. Personally, would struggle with the idea of having the kids in an environment involving heavy metals, but there are places surrounding it as well. It was 45 degrees last week....around 6pm!
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      You're not the first to ask this question. Have a look at the post on 19/8/08 'Has anyone been to Port Pirie?' by the Wise family. It's in the same forum as this one. It should give you some useful info and perhaps a contact who has already made the journey.

      Good luck.
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