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    Thread: Visa madness

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      Visa madness

      Hi, help please, me and my husband are looking into moving to aus, we have been told the as was a BT engineer up until 2004 he can apply for the skills visa but needs to apply for a TRA beforehand, some advise please on how to fill this in as do not want this to fail. Can he still apply for this even though he is a digital engineer now and not with BT any longer. We keep getting conflicting answers from different organisations, please help and going round in circles and want to move.

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      Hi and welcome to the forum

      By organisations do you mean agents? I know a lot of the skills for TRA will be changing from 1st Spet so not sure if the changes will effect you or not but they would be able to help and point you in the right direction. :) The whole visa thing can be very daunting and confusing - we used Go Matilda who were excellent from start to finish. They do a free consulatation so worth a chat if you ahve not done this already.

      You say you worked for BT until 2004 but I am guessing you are still in the same line of work but with a different company? To get the points for your skill you have to have recent work experience in your trade. Good luck with it all and just shout out any questions - very friendly bunch on here.


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      hi thanks for that, he left BT in 2004 and is now a digital satellite engineer which is not on the sol list but have been told to apply for a TRA as will get this with the experience and certificate alone, is this so?

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      Hi there,

      Its is all very confusing, My hubbys a plumber and we were told by 1 agent that it would be a struggle other agents a doddle. Checkout the TRA website you problies find a link on adelaide bound website (you find pretty much everything else. He will need past work experience and curent work experience. Example a plumber need 6 years and atleast 12 months in the last 18 months doing the job.

      I thnk its different periods for different jobs. We are using Bird Migration Agency based in Brisbane and Cheryl is great she English and emigrated herself.

      Good luck

      Kimberley x

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      Hi Doogie, the tra is not to be taken lightly, from what i remember you need at least 6 years experence in the job you are applying as, someone else on the forum for example is going as a chippie but hasen't been on the tools for 6 years or so but his present employer has done a reference to fill the gap, i still have all tra instructions from our agent if you want some copies pm me i could send you some, then you could see just how much work it involves, there are statutory declarations to do aswell, let me know

      cheers Graham

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      TRA help

      It seems a tricky one that you have come up with. i think you might stand a chance going for the TRA on the BT experience but you lack the 12 months experience in the last 18 months, i think you should definitely get with a good migration agent and take it further, you can only give it a go cant you,
      i am using go matilda also and i would recommend them if you have not tried them already.
      best of luck


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