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      points system

      we have been advised that we have scored 100 points, but as we would be making a joint application we would get a further 15 points taking us to 115?, we were hopeing to apply for the skills visa, but my husband is no longer a BT engineer since 2004 but have be assured that the tra can be done on experience? where do we go from here? do we apply for a skills visa or 456 there is so much conflicting information on web sites, i am so confused help.

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      As far as I know the pass mark is 110 for SIR495 or 120 for permanent skilled visas. If you already have 100 then you can get a further 10 by gaining sponsorship from SA and going for the SIR495 visa. Saying that things will be changing on Friday so you may end up with different points then

      The problem you may have is that for both visa types you have to have 12 out of last 18 months working in your skills area to get the points even if you have the TRA passed so you may come across problems with this Which agent have you spoken too as they should have pointed this out to you? Good luck and hope you find a way.



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