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    Thread: Medicals and pregnancy

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      Medicals and pregnancy

      Hi All

      Was just looking for some advice on medicals and pregnancy. We have come to the point were we are looking to get pregnant again, but obviously (being optimistic) don't want to delay our medicals and xrays. But on the other hand don't want to put off getting pregnant as we may then be waiting till 2012!!! -As we are only Cat 5 processing it might be quite a while before we are called to have medicals done.

      So was wondering if I should just go and get mine done now, and hope that they ask for them within the next year. Asked our agent but she just said obviously we might have to pay again, so no help. Was just wondering what others would do in our situation?
      What a dilemma!!!!
      Any opinions, advice or peeps in same boat?

      Many Thanks and Kind Regards
      Jill, Sam,William & Sarah

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      Why not see if you can just get the x-ray done before you get pregnant. We had our medicals yesterday and the x-ray was 60 the medical was another 180(inc blood tests). If the x-ray is also valid for 12 months like the medicals then this could be a little more cost effective, however I don't know if this is the case. Pick one of the panel doctors who you will probably use and ask them direct. I'm sure they can offer some sound advise.

      Good luck with everything BTW :)
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