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      Question Asthma


      After weeks of talking with doctors, they have now decided to prescribe Elise with an inhaler etc as they think she has asthma. Not so sure myself but I am not a doctor!

      She is not that bad with it, very mild case they say (thank god!)

      Does anybody know if this will effect the medicals, which are due to have in the next couple of months?


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      No it wont affect your medical at all, just for interest, my daughter had "mild" asthma in the UK, I think she only had when she gat a cold or it was damp and she ran around. Since we have been here she has hardly had it all, just on the odd occasion when she has played footie in the rain!! (once).

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      Thank you for your replies. Can relax a little now!

      Elise only seems to be 'wheezy' when she has a cough or cold, and they always end up as a chest infection.
      Can look forward to the medicals now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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      Leanne & Mark

      She'll prob grow out of it, Blake had a inhaler for child asthma til he was 5, Ethan had one at a yr old cos of his hospital stay with bronchilitis, and liv has one due to her breathing (or lack of it) at birth. Most are given as a precaution.

      Kisses from Ethan, Elise x x x ;)

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      I have had asthma since the age of 14 and it did not affect our medicals at all. :o

      Its wonderful actually as I have only used them once or twice since being here and that was on the 40 degree days, and we have been here 10 months today YEAH


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      I was diagnosed at the tender age of 2 and my son and daughter may also have it.

      As long as she's not dragging an oxygen tank behind her when she walks, you should be fine.


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