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      Thumbs down More Paperwork and money!!!

      Well after being advised that after registering as a nurse in adelaide I did not have to do the skill assessment with the ANMC (Australia NUrsing and Midwifery Council) and alsoi the hospital not requiring it, I have discovered that I do need to do it after all. Apparently if I was going on a sponsered visa it would be up to the hospital as to whether I needed it but because we are going on a permanent (136) visa I do need it so have to get the nursing board to send varification to the ANMC $15, and then after getting loads of copies certified 5 a sheet, I can send off to be assessed $190. Not a huge amount but I am on mat leave a the mo and Petes work is really quiet so may have to ask mum to loan us her credit card!! Oh well, at least we found out before we sent the visa paper work off!

      Thanks to everyone who enquired how Niamh was, she is now totally back to normal, (see Petes blog!) unfortunately Jack has woken up this morning a dying swan think he has a throat infection too, oh well, two children down, two to go!! :o


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      Ah well @ least you found out now rather than further down the line.Hope it goes through qickly and u can get anto the next step. Hope Jack feels better soon

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      Hi Tracey,

      It's just one thing after another isn' it? . They really like to make us jump through hoops! Just wanted to wish you luck with your next buraeucratic(soz about the spelling I've tried every given combination of e's a's & u's and it's still not right) hurdle. It will all be worth it when you get that visa:v_SPIN:.



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