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      IELTS test-help!

      Hi everyone I am new to this forum, I am looking for some advice on the IELTS test. I have failed it twice now (both times on reading and writing)!!. I am going to resit it on 14th January, the problem I have is that I ran out of time on the reading, did anyone else do this? I need to pass it this time so any advice anyone can give me would be much appreciated, have got 2 books out from the library today so I am going to start studying. Thanks Sarah.

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      Books from the library are your best bet, thats what I did, and practice the reading ones, you can get practice paper books from the libarary. The current one is IELTS 7.

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      Hi Sarah, there is a website you can join ielts.blog.com, where you can practice testes it is really good.


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      well its not that tough just a tricky exam. Listen to the CD properly 3-4 times and identify the voice and the theme. The theme matters more as it gives you clue about the questions. For written exam practise writing essays on your own or read editorial from newspapers or magazines. For spoken test just speak as if you are explaining a situation and you are actually there. Visualise the theme and be natural and maintain a speed. Don't try to impress the examiner . They just check if you are able to explain well and if the words are coming out naturally. If possible revise your grammar lessons once.


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