I am absolutely gutted. Was going through a 176 state sponsored visa. I passed my skills assessment as i did an apprenticeship when i was younger, but i am now in a different field of work as a printer but with no formal qualifications. Out of the blue i received an e-mail from the case worker saying that i needed to get my financial capacity form back to them before christmas eve ( two days ) to try and get my state sponsorship sorted before January 1st otherwise i would not have enough points to carry on with my visa before the rules change and even if i did get it to them they could not guarantee a positive outcome. I have had to give up on my dream because as of Jan 1st you have to have relevant work experience in the last year doing the same job that you passed your skills assessment in. I am so annoyed that they can give such short notice in changing the guidelines.

I hope you all have better luck than us.